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  • An organic, caffeine-free blend of naturally dried fruits (apple, blackberry, elderberry, cherry, and raspberry) infused with hibiscus flowers and our savoury saffron to produce a beautiful red brew that balances sweet and tart flavours for the perfect taste!
  • Safaroma sources our saffron from Afghanistan where it is hand-picked with care by our female farmers; with every product you purchase you help build a sustainable future for the lives of these women and their families.
  • Safaroma’s most popular blend that can be enjoyed during every season. Hot or cold - this tea is bursting with tropical flavours and notes of saffron in every sip.
  • This blend provides a state of relaxation, it will help to free your body and mind from daily tensions - specially saffron and hibiscus are super tasty and healthful spices. Safaroma believes in quality and integrity. 


Details: 15 Sachets / 35g (Naturally-made Transparent Pyramid Sachets)

Ingredients: Organic Apple pcs, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehips, Organic Calendula, Organic Raspberry leaf, Organic  Lemon Vervain, Organic Blue Corn Flower, Orgnic Black Berry, Organic Pineapple and Organic Strawberry pieces.

Caffeine Meter =  (Caffeine-Free)

Images are a graphical representation of the product, actual tea boxes may differ.

Saffron Paradise Tea | Certified Organic

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