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Prince of Peace is a brand you can trust. Prince of Peace has been providing quality tea products since 1985. Their organic teas are certified organic by ECOCERT SA, USA. You’ll enjoy its delightful flavor as it calms, refreshes and warms you. With minimal processing, White tea’s antioxidant property is significantly more than green tea. Prince of Peace is a supporter of world relief efforts. Their key emphasis is providing care to orphaned children with special health needs at the Prince of Peace Children’s Home. 



Prince of Peace Organic White Tea, 20 tea bags

  • 100% Organic White Tea made from young leaves and tender buds that go through Zhenghe-style processing. This processing style gives the tea a richer aroma, a fuller body, and a darker color. White tea usually has a higher level of antioxidant content compared with green tea. A typical cup of white tea contains about 10-20mg of caffeine while a cup of coffee ranges from 100 -180mg. Net Weight: 20 tea bags x 1.8g (1.27oz / 36g)

  • Organic white tea leaves

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