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PATCH bamboo plasters are a plant based wound care solution, made from natural bamboo fibers. Their bandages are hypoallergenic, latex free and vegan friendly.



It all started with Charlie.

When founder, James Dutton's, son Charlie fell off a playground and grazed himself, his skin started reacting to common adhesives. Motivated to try a product that worked for Charlie, he quickly realized that his son's reaction was common - and that in fact no alternative product actually existed.

Patch Aloe Vera Bamboo Bandages - 25 Count

  • Patch is a natural alternative to wound care. Their strips are made from natural bamboo, enriched with natural goodness and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

    ENRICHED WITH ALOE VERA: These bandages are infused with aloe vera, which is known for its ability to soothe skin. It nourishes blisters and burns to reduce irritation.

    ACTIVATED CHARCOAL BANDAGE: The PATCH Charcoal Bandages are infused with activated black charcoal, which is ideal for drawing out impurities and fighting against infections. 

    ENRICHED WITH COCONUT OIL: Coconut oil moisturizes the skin to help regenerate new skin cells, reduces inflammation, and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

    NATURAL BANDAGES: These strips are perfect for those who like to keep it simple. PATCH Natural is designed with bamboo to help repair minor cuts & abrasions, naturally. Free from known irritants, toxins, and plastic.


    • Recyclable
    • Hypo Allergenic
    • No Synthetic Fragrances
    • Vegan
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