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Burp cloth for babies: super soft on the skin making them a perfect burp cloth, nursing cover, swaddle and so much more! Handmade from beautiful 100% cotton double gauze fabric. Organic GOTS Certified. Burp cloths are perfect as a gift. Nicely packaged and super fast shipping.

No parent can ever have too many muslin burp cloths as they can be used for so many things!

As burp cloths are designed to be ultra-absorbent, it’s unsurprising they make excellent towels.

For the best result use the burp cloth over your shoulder while burping your little one.

One of the more unique uses for burping cloths is to use them to wipe baby’s bottom when they have a diaper rash. Diaper rashes are pretty common, and they can be really uncomfortable for your little one. Standard wipes can actually sting, so swapping them for an old, damp burp cloth could be much nicer for baby.

Damp them with warm water and use them to wipe baby’s bottom after changing. This will soothe and clean the skin without causing irritation.
Another unusual use for old burp cloths is place mats.
You can also use burp cloths as baby comforters.
Due to their size and absorbency, burp cloths can make excellent washcloths. Whether it’s for yourself, or baby, they can be used time and time again.

Measuring approx 50 x 50cm.

Muslin Square Baby Burp Cloth Eucalyptus Leaves

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