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11.8% more milk in less time. With the Pump In Style double electric breast pump, you get hospital performance technology packed into a small compact pump, with an accessory battery pack included so you can pump anywhere. Easy to use and includes everything you need to pump. That's the power of the Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow.


Only compatible with PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors, do not use PersonalFit™ Connectors as use of other connectors can cause irreversible damage to your breast pump.

Medela Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™ Breast Pump

SKU: 101041361
  • MaxFlow MaxPerformance Delivers

    • MaxOutput: 
      • More milk in less time with our clinically proven technology to increase milk volume by11.8%.*   Motor stimulates milk ducts to a faster letdown and efficiently empties breast.
      • Hospital Strength Performance, Inspired by the pump brand you see in hospitals, our hospital-grade (multi-user) Symphony® breast pump.
    • MaxEase: 
      • Built in let down and massage mode cycle rates with automatic transitioning, so you don’t need to worry.  
      • Intuitive control panel lets you increase and decrease vacuum across 10 levels. 
      • Few parts, dishwasher safe, and easy to assemble.
    • MaxFlexibility: 
      • Minimum weight at only 1.18 pounds makes easy portability to take to and from work, park, playdates, outings, around the house.
      • Y-tubing so you can single and double pump.
      • Battery pack gives you maximum convenience when pumping away from power.**
    • MaxComfort: Oval shaped breast shields that are shaped around you for added comfort.
    • MaxSupport: Easy to find parts online and at major retailers, 1-year warranty and US-based customer support. 
    • Other features: Closed system, extra accessories.
    • **Requires 8 AA batteries
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